Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tanzania: German Body Commends Conservation of Serengeti

Serengeti — FRANKFURT Zoological Society (FZS) has commended the government of Tanzania for its commitment to conserve Serengeti National Park, which is one of the world's heritage sites.

"FZS congratulates Tanzania for its efforts in conserving this important park and a world heritage site", FZS Director Dr Christof Schenck remarked. Dr Schenck said this shortly after attending a high profile regional conservation workshop at Seronera where the park's headquarters are situated.

The workshop lasted for four days. He underscored the importance of keeping Serengeti intact, refraining from bisecting it with a highway, which could cause disastrous effects on the park's ecosystem. "It is important that the Serengeti National Park stays free of any commercial long distance roads. It is by so doing that the migration of more than 1.5 million wildebeest which is a unique event on this planet can be maintained", Dr Schenck said in a statement made available to the 'Daily News' on Monday morning.

The donor community including the US government, World Bank and the Germany government have expressed willingness several times to help the government of Tanzania to address social and economic problems facing marginalized communities residing in the Eastern and Northern sides of Serengeti if a commercial road will not be built through the park, stated part of the statement.

FZS also supports the idea of constructing an alternative road on the southern part just like how various donor community countries have suggested. "If the Southern alternative is being built, the communities around Serengeti will be developed and the integrity of the Serengeti ecosystem will be maintained. Tanzania will be a role model for Africa in the combination of natural resource protection and development", the FZS chief said.

He described Serengeti as a global resource and most amazing park in the world, hence called for concerted efforts to protect it for the present and coming generations. With its headquarters in Germany, FZS has been spending an average of one million Euros to support conservation activities meant to protect the world famous park which is also rated as the leading country tourist destination.

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