Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Despite letter to UN, proposed Serengeti Highway could remain a possibility

29 June 2011 -

A letter from the Tanzanian government to the United Nations's World Heritage Center is causing confusion in the international community about the proposed construction of a commercial Serengeti Highway through Serengeti National Park.
Conservationists and world heritage advocates are puzzling over the letter's ambiguous language and certain indeterminate word choices. Though many throughout the international heritage community originally heralded the letter as an announcement of the construction project's abandonment, second looks at the message have raised alarming doubts about the Tanzanian government's intentions on whether or not to build the road.
The Tanzanian government incited uproar among the international heritage committee last summer when it announced its intentions to build a 33-mile highway across the national park, a World Heritage Site. Such a highway would seriously impede the annual north-south migrations of a number of species of iconic African wildlife, including the blue wildebeest.

See the original article from's Daily News page here.

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